Your Perfection Services

All services are administered by our highly qualified therapists, who provide beneficial treatments using the highest quality products designed to cater to each client specific needs and total body wellness.

Pamper Packages

Indulge Me

Lay back and relax with soothing music playing in the back ground, and the sweet scent of a Crème Brulee candle burning. Your muscles will be soothed and stress will be released as you enter your happy place of pure relaxation and be taken on a journey with a luscious coconut oil massage. Just as you think it’s over, we ease into a nourishing, glowing facial with a heavenly head massage to ease your tension and relax the mind. ❤ Let yourself be taken on Journey❤

Petite Package

Layback, relax and feel rejuvenated with a luscious coconut Upper Body Massage that soothes the muscles releases the tension. Just as your difting off we ease into a beautiful, hyrdrating facial that will leave your skin glowing and you feeling like your in pure heaven. ❤❤

Coconut Retreat

Slow Exfoliation to the body with our beautiful Lime and Coconut sugar cane exfoliator will have your skin feeling smooth and supple and will bring back the summer glow. After removing the Exfoliate with warm hot towels we finish the treat off with a full body massage using a beautifully warm Coconut Oil to relax the muscles and nourish the skin! So Lay back and relax while we take your senses on a tropical retreat.

Massage Treatments

Customised Massage (Includes Aromatherapy)

Are you needing to De-Stress or are you struggling with Sleep? We can cater your massage for what your body needs spending more time on areas that need to be targeted.

90min Full Body Massage can include Head Massage


60min Full Body Massage


Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage

Upon a Consultation we work with you to determine which massage is best suited for you, Relaxation or Deep Tissue. Massage helps alleviate tension and stress. Not only in your body but your mind too. First warming up the muscles, then massage to relax the muscles in order to release tightness. Regular Massage will enhance a feeling of relief.... physically, mentally and emotionally.

60min Full Body Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Being pregnant is an exciting time with a new baby on the way. Unfortunately there can be tiredness, stress, aches and pains. Pregnancy massage can help relax, unwind, relieve muscle tension, improve your circulation and give you that self nurturing time out.

60min Full Body Massage


45min Quick Fix Massage

Our Body carry a lot of stress and tension. Our 45min quick fix Massage will relieve your tension, also promote some well needed relaxation and a beautiful sense of wellbeing, be it for a specific issue or to just relax.

Aromatherapy Add On

Are you needing to De-Stress or are you struggling with Sleep? We use warm naturally penetrating oils for stress, muscles soreness, strains and stiffness and we can help with a restful, gentle peaceful sleep....

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage has numerous benefits to your health and your body. We used heated basalt stones along with Swedish massage technique's to help calm you mind quickly, helps to repair your body and provides a deep relaxation.

Short on time 45mins


60mins Excursion


Indulge yourself for 90mins


Skin Care Treatments

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair. Aka peach fuzz. We uses a small, sterile blade while holding the skin taut, swiping the blade in gentle upward motions. "Dermaplaning leaves your skin brighter, smoother, glowing, and more youthful," and is relaxing. Removing the peach fuzz is beneficial since the fine hairs trap debris and oils and give skin a dull look.

Environ Express Facial (30mins)

Perfect if you're short on time but you are looking for your skin to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Includes a skin consultation, cleanse, light exfoliate and hydrating mask. Your therapist will provide you with recommended take home products.

Environ Rejuvenating Facial (45mins)

A mild lactic acid peel treatment for sun damaged, fine lines, large pores and dull skin. For optimum results, a course of six is recommended.

Facial Add On

Have you skin glowing with adding on one of our Facial add on.....







LED Mask


Heavenly Relaxation Environ Facial

An indulgent facial designed especially for you and your skin. Allow a deep cleanse and exfoliate to clean and purify your skin before indulge in a beautiful facial and decollete massage. Followed by a hydrating mask whilst having a heavenly head massage or hand massage.

Hevenly Relaxation Facial (60mins)


Add peel


Add LED Mask


Microdermabrasion Facial

Microderm is a Mechanical form of Exfoliation for the skin. If you are wanting a smoother, Refreshed and Hydrated skin that improves your skin’s appearance, sun damage, fine lines, age spots and acne scarring, then this is the perfect treatment for you!

Eye Treatments

Beautiful Eyes

Enhance your eyes with a lash lift that adds volume and Length to your lashes. A brow shape and a tint to enchance and define your beauiful eyes.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination/Brow Lift is the hottest new trend! This service creates the look of full, fluffy brows by realigning the direction of hair growth, enhancing your brow shape. The results are instant and Gorgeous . Results last up to 8 weeks.

Eye Trio: Brow Shape, Brow Tint and Lash tint

Lay back and relax while we tint your lashes to enhance the length have them looking fuller, we then tint you brows and shape your brows to have looking on point! While you relaxing we offer a beautiful head massage while your lash tint is processing....

Brow shape

Let us help create your perfect brows. We start with a consult to help us work with you and your brows to create your perfect shape. We finish off with some brow products for that brow perfection.

Brow Tint

Brow tinting is a process of applying a semi-permanent dye to your brows to give the appearance of thicker and more youthful brows.

Lash tint

A lash tint intensifies your natural lashes by darkening them and adding definition to the eyes. Lay back and relax while the tint is applied, as the the tint is processing we offer a lovely head massage or arm massage for a special treat.

Brow Shape and Brow Tint

Enhance your best asset with a brow tint and shape.

Brow shape and lash tint


Brow tint and lash tint


Lash Lift (45mins)

A Lash Lift adds length, volume and lift to natural lashes with no extensions, no adhesive and no mascara. Lash Lift Enchances and lifts your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-style effect, so your lash perfect from the moment you wake up.

Lash Lift with Tint


Lash Lift without Tint


Henna Brow Tint

You can have beautiful brows, every day! Henna Brows is a 99% natural product that lasts on the skin for a week and up to 4 weeks on the hair! Note: Henna is a more dramtic look as it does stain the skin and can last up to a week on the skin. If you want to boost your brow game, Henna Brows is a must!

Henna Brow Tint


Henna Brow Tint and Brow Shape


Henna Eye Trio





Bikini and half leg


Half leg


Full leg




Brazillian maintenance


Under arm


Half arm


Full arm




Upper lip


Lip and chin


Lip, chin and eyebrows

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